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Church Motto:


Romans 15:4 KJV


Last Charge from Former Presider-Bishop James Lathan Drewry

"With a WEAPON in one HAND and a TOOL in the other we BUILD"



True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles’ Faith, Inc.

833 Falls Road Rocky Mount, NC 27804


Bishop James Lathan Drewry (Former Presider)

Bishop Warren R. Palmer, Sr. (Founder/Presider & Overseer)  

Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. (Assistant Presider)

Associate Elder: Elder Patrick A. Mann Associate Minister: Mininster John W. Boyd


True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith

2702 West 4th Street, Wilmington, DE 19805

North Temple 

Bishop James Lathan Drewry (Founder)

Bishop Warren R. Palmer, Sr. (Presider & Overseer) 

Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. (Pastor & Assistant Presider)


Vision 2018: "Don't you HESITATE in 2018"

Romans 4:20-21 KJV (Focus-Verse 13)

True Vine Ministerial Staff

          Presider & Overseer

        Bishop Warren R. Palmer, Sr.

         Pastor & Assist. Presider

             Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr.

             Associate Ministers

             Left-Minister Patrick A. Mann

              Right-Minister John W. Boyd

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