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The birth of the ministry known as True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles’ Faith Inc. was thus formed. The first service for True Vine was held in Fort Washington, Maryland, at the home of Bishop Palmer. From the Fort Washington location Bishop Palmer and his family moved into an apartment in Marlow Heights, MD where they continued service and many were blessed and encouraged.  The family traveled from Cheltenham, MD to Rocky Mount, NC every weekend until November 2004 when the first family relocated to North Carolina.


Services were initially held in the homes of those who wanted to hear the Word of the Lord, as in the book of Acts 2:46, where it reads “They went from house to house”. Many were healed spiritually, mentally and physically from the prayers of the saints and the preached Word of God. As the word spread throughout the city people began to come to hear the Word. Services had to be moved from the homes and were held at the Rocky Mount Boys & Girls Club. The church began to grow rapidly and many declared a love for the preached Word, but lacked the desire to fall in line with God’s requirements. Bishop Palmer realized that people did not want to support the ministry of truth, therefore he announced to the church, the Lord is leading me to go back to home services until we could provide a place for people to worship.  Shortly after, the church purchased a place for people to serve without interruption.


The Lord blessed the church with seven members to raise a total of $7,000.00 in three weeks. The building was purchased with no church bank account, no credit and with three members working along with God opening doors. The building was under renovation on Tarboro Street in Rocky Mount, NC until God chose to move True Vine to its current headquarters location. True Vine Church Ministries dedicated the Rocky Mount, North Carolina headquarters 833-835 Falls Road in May 2009 during their 10th year Church Anniversary and Pastoral Appreciation Celebration. Many joined in this celebration, where souls were filled with the Holy Ghost, minds were set free and bodies were healed. The spirit was so high that we had three benedictions and church still went on… HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!! 


Bishop Palmer by the leading of the Lord had a “LEGACY PRAYER BREAKFAST” in honor of his father, Bishop William R. Palmer Jr.; his father’s founder, Bishop R.C. Lawson; his mother’s father, Bishop Posey Diamond Smith and last but not least his father’s father Bishop William R. Palmer, Sr.  The service was a great success and portraits of each of these great apostolic pioneers were dedicated and displayed in the headquarters lobby of True Vine Holiness Church.  True Vine by the divine power of God reached another milestone in God’s projected plan for the ministry in hosting and celebrating our 1st Annual Holy Convocation in January 2010.


Bishop Palmer acknowledges by name Brother Patrick Mann, Brother Michael Simmons, Brother John Shellington, Brother Mohammad Carr, Minister Donnell Lee, Sr., Sister Pamela Palmer, Sister Monica Mann, Sister Lisa Bullock, Sister Wanda Simmons and Sister Donna Carr all of whom put in many hours and gave of their talent, time and finances to help renovate God’s Temple in Rocky Mount, NC. We are praying for those who have strayed and claiming their deliverance in “Jesus Name”.  Also, in November 2010 the Lord Jesus Christ blessed True Vine Ministries to purchase the property and building located at 829 Falls Road as prophesied by our leader in 2008.  The building which adjoins the current church building will be beautified and if the Lord’s Will it will be the NEW SANCTUARY allowing the current sanctuary to be our banquet hall and the adjacent offices will serve in the future as our administrative wing and childcare facilities.


On Tuesday, November 27, 2012, during a meeting with Frank Hamrick (President), Gerry Carlson and colleagues from Positive Action for Christ, Bishop Palmer was given the deed to 833 & 835 Falls Road as a response to Pastor Palmer’s request in writing on August 7, 2012 that the corporation donate the property to True Vine.  The deed was given to Pastor Palmer free and clear of any debt to True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles’ Faith, Inc. Bishop Palmer went to Nash County Courthouse and secured the deed on December 12, 2012. During the 4th Holy Convocation in the Youth Day Morning Power Hour service on Saturday, January 5, 2013, Bishop Palmer made a special announcement concerning this donation, had the mortgage burning ceremony and presented a church cornerstone identifying the True Vine Ministries and Positive Action for Christ as donors of the remaining $35,000.00 property balance.


Bishop Palmer continues to remind the people of God that God never gave up on the backsliders and neither should we. We are a ministry that believes in unlimited and uncompromised victory that can’t help but come to them who obey the Lord. The Lord is adding daily to the Church as He sees fit. The Lord has given Bishop Palmer and the church the vision of deliverance for mankind from the grip of sin and the doctrine of men. Our leader now celebrates 39 years in the body of Christ, 24 years in the ministry, 19 years as Bishop and 17 years pastoring. Great men were ordained and licensed in the ministry during the church’s 6th Annual Holy Convocation. Bishop James L. Drewry accepted the title of Presiding Bishop by Bishop Palmer. Minister Donnell Lee, Sr. was ordained to Elder and Assistant Pastor. Elder James M. Brisco was given his License and Charter under True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles’ Faith.


Bishop Palmer along with True Vine Church family has been blessed to experience the victory that only God can give. We are on the mission according to what the Lord has given our leader. We are a church that expects to continue to experience victory as we face each and every test we confront. True Vine is a ministry showing mankind, that their greatest need is the Lord Jesus Christ. Many have started out with us but they have gone astray but we are still holding on to God’s hand.  Bishop Palmer was named the Successor and Assistant  Pastor of True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith; Wilmington, DE by Bishop James L. Drewry during the 47th Appreciation Service on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. After the passing of the founder and our appointed Presiding Bishop James Lathan Drewry of True Vine Holiness Church Wilmington, DE, Bishop Warren R. Palmer, Sr. was consecrated and installed as Presiding Bishop of True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles’ Faith, Inc. Rocky Mount, NC and True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Wilmington, DE, on Saturday, June 20, 2015.

One year after the consecration of our pastor to presiding Bishop our very own Minister John W. Boyd preached his initial message in during the 19th Church Anniversary on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the 10:00am session and demonstrated that his ministry was indeed being made an election sure. Not long after Minister Patrick A. Mann the first member of True Vine Church acknowledge his call to the ministry and preached a powerful message at our North Temple service during our 1st Joint Holy Convocation June 18, 2016 in Wilmington, DE. Three weeks later dear Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr.-Assistant Pastor of True Vine Churches was installed as pastor of True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. Our Theme: "A Faithful Man is Made, Not Found", II Timothy 2:2. During this same time some have fallen from the faith and chosen to stray from the Apostles' Doctrine. True Vine Holiness Church moves forward with the same determination and vision given to our pastor over 19 years ago, which declares if you abide in me and I in you, you shall bring forth much fruit for without me ye can do nothing.

Humble Beginings


True Vine Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of the Apostles' Faith, Inc.

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