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Church History

Bishop James Lathan Drewry was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins by the late Apostolic Pioneer Bishop R.C. Lawson in 1953. Bishop Lawson was the founder of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ located at 124th Street and 7th Ave in New York City, NY. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost one year later on January 31, 1954. As a new convert, Brother Drewery served under Bishop R. C. Lawson and was caled to the ministry while he served faithfully supporting the church. In 1957, Minister Drewry continued his walk under the leadership of Bishop S.C. Johnson in New York and was with him from 1957 to 1963.


When the Lord called Bishop S.C. Johnson to rest in August 1961, Minister Drewry began working with Elder Randolph Goodwin and served faithfully for 3 1/2 years until he went to work under Bishop Assar Foster as Assistant Pastor and was ordained Elder. Elder Drewry had a love for the people of God and a calling upon his life, the Lord in his wise providence lead him to begin the ministry known at that time as the True Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith in Brooklyn, NY where he pastored until 1972.  In 1972, Elder Drewry founded the ministry under a new charter and name, True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith located in Philadelphia, PA where it remained until 1990. Elder Drewry was consecrated to the office of Bishop in 1973. Bishop Drewry also founded True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith in Milwaukee, WI and traveled faithfully 40 years, where he ordained Elder Bennie Joyner and installed him as Pastor in Charge.  In 1990, Bishop Drewry and the saints moved to 310 North DuPont Street in Wilmington, Delaware.


In 2000 the church moved again to this current location 2702 West 4th Street in Wilmington, DE. The membership was few at just 10 members and the Lord began to bless the church and added members. The church grew to 35 or 40 faithful members. Bishop began a radio broadcast on WFHI in Delaware where he preached the True Word of God from 1990 to 2011. Bishop Drewry and the church went through difficult times in 2011 when he was in the hospital and thought by many never to return. After coming out of the hospital, it was evident that the Lord was building True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. Bishop Drewry began once again to claim his power and influence within the apostolic movement. In 2012, Bishop Drewry attended a TROTBAA Youth Conference. After the youth conference, he made known his desire to be a part of the fellowship with the brethren and also desired to receive support with his church in Delaware. After seeing Bishop Drewry’s soundness in the doctrine, Elder Warren R. Palmer, Sr., spoke with Elder Warren L. Tyler, the 1st Honorary Chairman and Advisor along with the board members and recommended that Bishop Drewry hold the 2nd Honorary Chairman and Advisor position. Without any hesitation, all members welcomed the recommendation and Bishop Drewry accepted the appointment. In the year of 2013, TROTBAA held its first fellowship service in Wilmington, Delaware. 


On June 15, 2014, during the 46th Appreciation Service in Wilmington, DE, Bishop Charles F. Walker of Titusville, FL presented to Bishop Drewry the AMA Lifetime Achievement Award from the Apostolic Ministries of America, Inc. During this service, Bishop Drewry had also named Elder Warren R. Palmer, Sr. as the Assistant Pastor of True Vine Holiness Church in Wilmington, DE. 


In January 2015, during True Vine Holiness Church 6th Annual Holy Convocation in Rocky Mount, NC, our beloved Bishop James Lathan Drewry was appointed Presiding Bishop, over both Delaware and North Carolina.  Bishop Drewry accepted this great honor with much joy.

Minister Donnell McKinley Lee, Sr., was ordained to Elder and Assistant Pastor of True Vine Holiness Church in Rocky Mount, NC. We also had the privilege to witness the granting of the Charter & License to Elder James Michael Brisco, Sr., pastor of Holy Temple Church located in Salisbury, Maryland. It was announced that Elder Brisco would be a part of True Vine Holiness Church of the Apostle’s Faith Inc. in Rocky Mount, NC.  To finalize these great services it was announced that our very own Elder Warren R. Palmer, Sr., Pastor and Overseer was to be consecrated as Bishop by Bishop James Lathan Drewry in May 2015. It was announced by the Assistant Pastor Elder Palmer on May 3, 2015 by the request and recommendations of our Bishop, that Elder Jeffrey S. Robinson, Sr., would be the Associate Elder working directly with Bishop Drewry in Delaware.  Bishop made it known if the Lord should determine to take him; Elder Robinson would be the Elder in Charge at True Vine Holiness Church in Delaware under the leadership of Elder Palmer. Bishop Drewry was scheduled to appoint and consecrate Elder Palmer as Presiding Bishop over the True Vine Churches on May 23, 2015. However, the Lord saw fit to take our beloved Bishop from us on May 22, 2015. Bishop Drewry was 95 years old when he went to sleep. Our True Vine Churches still came together after suffering such a great loss, within the church family, to continue what Bishop Drewry and True Vine Holiness Church has done for 46 years. This celebration and Appreciation Service was in honor of Bishop James Lathan Drewry and was observed in June for the past 46 years.  Although, Bishop is resting and awaiting the Trumpet of God to sound, we the saints and members of True Vine came together to celebrate Bishop’s “47 Years of Service”. Elder Palmer, Sr. wanted to continue to show our appreciation to God for the years he allowed our dear Bishop James L. Drewry to give his time and devotion towards True Vine and the Body of Christ.


Bishop Palmer will continue to observe the Annual Founder’s Appreciation Services in June, it will be starting from Wednesday night thru Sunday, be the Lord’s Will.  Our first year celebration began during our “2015 Annual Founder’s Appreciation Weekend” in June which included services on Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st 2015 at our True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ located in Wilmington, DE. The youth outing scheduled on Saturday, June 20th was held during the day at the Lums Pond State Park, located in Bear, DE. Our Saturday evening service, scheduled at 7:00pm was a service featuring Unity in Prayer, Praise and Tarrying with one accord.  The seekers were encouraged to reach out to the Lord and receive their blessing.  The theme was,” Let’s come and repeat PENTECOST”!!!   Taken from (Acts 2:1-4)


On July 18, 2015 Elder Warren R. Palmer, Sr., was Installed and Consecrated to the office of Bishop and Overseer of both True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, located in Wilmington, DE and True Vine Holiness of Jesus Christ of the Apostle's Faith, Inc., located in Rocky Mount, NC.  The message came from the man of God, our beloved Bishop Wilbert L. Williams of Greensboro, North Carolina. Bishop Williams provided a guideline for our Bishop, warning him, “You must endure hardship during this battle". Bishop Palmer was told that many are plotting and striving to tear him down because of his Apostolic Stand.  Overall, it was truly a celebration to witness the heartfelt elevation and acceptance of this great man of God.


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