Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr.

Assistant Presider and Pastor

True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith

Wilmington, Delaware

Job 23:10 “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold”. This seems to be the threads that have woven the fabric of life and ministry of our Assistant Pastor Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr.

Elder Donnell McKinley Lee, Sr. was born in Washington, DC on December 20, 1969 to Deacon Roosevelt McKinley and Mother Lois Lee.  He is the 5th child out of 9 children.  Elder Lee attended Bethuel Temple Churches of Christ Apostolic, Inc. under the tutelage of Bishop William R. Palmer, Sr.  He was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1982.  He later received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, speaking with tongues as the spirit of God gave the utterance in August 1986.   


Later in life, Elder Lee was joined in holy matrimony to Sister Monica Lee on December 3, 1997. From this union was born Donnell Jr., Donovan and McKaylah.  The oldest child of the house who was raised by Elder Lee is Akoyah Anthony. Elder Lee joined True Vine Holiness Church of the Apostles’ Faith, Inc. in Rocky Mount, NC on December 3, 2006, where he became the first deacon of the church.  Elder Lee continued to witness to lost souls in his area. He provided transportation for the saints that lived in the Maryland/DC area to North Carolina for services on a weekly basis.


Elder Lee was called to the ministry in the summer of 2007, where he continued to immerse himself in the Word of God and service to the church. Because of his faithfulness and the need of the church, Elder Lee was ordained the first Elder and Assistant Pastor of True Vine Holiness Church, in January 2015 during our 6th Holy Convocation by his pastor Elder Warren R. Palmer, Sr.  


The prophetic word that came to us on December 31, 2015 was…”GOD IS GOING TO INTERVENE IN 2016!!” and all we can say is, “OH, give thanks unto the Lord for he is GOOD”… We were told that we are… Angels on Assignment – Hebrews 1:14 Our Bishop after receiving the charge from Bishop Drewry to lead the Church forward did it with Apostolic fervency and zeal. He attempted to include those who claimed to be for the Apostolic standard. But as we watched one by one the Apostolic deterioration among the brethren, the choice was clear the one standing is the one chosen. For the bible tells us many are called but in this case only one was chosen.


During what was presented to be an appreciation service for Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. on Sunday, July 10, 2016, saints traveled from far and near to be part of this glorious celebration and being able to witness God’s Approval on the matter. Our hearts rejoiced as we share the great blessing of accepting the Pastoral Appointment of our very own Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr.  Our Theme, "A Faithful Man is Made, Not Found", II Timothy 2:2.  It was truly a glorious celebration to witness the heartfelt acceptance of this great Elder within the ministry. Elder Lee is a man of God by which it has been witnessed of his unwavering courage and determination to carry the Apostolic Banner. Our presider Bishop Palmer made it clear that Elder Lee has proven himself worthy of this office through his dignity, his guidance, his steadfastness and doctrinal fervency throughout his service to God.  He has been a true humble and dedicated servant of True Vine Holiness Churches and to many others within the Body of Christ during the past 10 years. Along with traveling faithfully for the past 4 years to assigned churches on the east coast from Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina. It was truly a joy to hear the words from our Presider stating; I, Bishop Warren R. Palmer, Sr. by the authority given me by the Lord Jesus Christ; through careful consideration and the leading of the most Holy God, have considered Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. to the Appointment of Pastor. I have seen and witnessed his unwavering courage and determination to carry the Apostolic Banner. He has proven himself worthy of this office through his unwavering faith, guidance and doctrinal fervency. He has been a servant to many within the body of Christ also serving as the Deacon, Elder, Minister and Assistant Pastor of True Vine Holiness Churches during the past 10 years. He has traveled for the past 4 years to churches assigned by our Presider and Overseer. I now introduce unto some and present unto others, my brother in the Gospel and fellow laborer having being consecrated and affirmed; Elder Donnell Lee, Sr. to you the Saints of the living God.  


We truly experienced a world wind service as the Spirit of Lord truly filled the house. As Souls poured out there hearts through Praise and Worship it was evident that the Lord was preparing the Atmosphere for something great. The North Temple saints were truly excited to hear that we gathered together to Install Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. as Pastor of True Vine North. During the reflections portion of the service members of North Temple reminded us that Elder Lee has been there serving with them and Bishop Drewry and that they accepted him with joy a long time ago. Elder Lee was given the charge, installed and consecrated during a very emotional ceremony carried out by Bishop, Warren R. Palmer, Sr. Elder Donnell M. Lee, Sr. accepted the appointment and is now the Pastor of True Vine Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Wilmington, Delaware. His statement affirmed to our Bishop was, "We can truly say that we are now One Heart / One Beat". My heart truly rejoices in knowing that God has a faithful man in place to continue the legacy of holiness through the Preaching and Teaching of the Apostles Doctrine.


Elder Lee is a man gifted with a passion for God’s Word coupled with a love for God’s people.  He has a quiet yet contagious spirit of generosity that overflows in every facet of his life. Elder Lee is on a mission to continue to stand firm and uphold that true apostolic doctrine. Refusing not to waver, adjust, add or take away which God ordained before the foundation of this world.

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